Working together.
With knowledge and passion.

Our employees form an important part of our company. With their unique potential, their knowledge and hard work they have also a major impact on the companies´ success.

Besides a high educational degree, team spirit, resilience and passion of each of us are the key to being successful together. Flat hierarchies, direct communication, short ways and enjoying what we do provides the basis for a unique and different daily work life at ACTS.

To unfold the potential lying within our employees, leadership is a top priority. This is the reason why a leadership mission statement was introduced. It provides guidance for both, employees and managers. Furthermore, it helps to be successful together and to daily live our corporate organizational culture. Managerial responsibility in regard to employees is characterized through appreciation, honesty, Fairness, respect and trust - regardless of the position you are working in. Those values are the core beliefs we all share to experience a motivational and successful teamwork. 

The Magna Fair Enterprise Culture – which was first introduced 1988 in Canada and the USA – is a milestone within Magnas corporate culture consisting of the following six core principles:

  • Job security
  • Fair treatment
  • Communication and information
  • Competitive wages and benefits
  • Employee equity and Profit participation
  • A safe and healthful workplace

These principles, in combination with the open-door-principle and the Magna employee hotline, prove our committment for a fairness and human care based corporate culture.