Nine phases to reach optimized test performance

With competent employees ACTS supports you in planning your test facility or your complete vehicle safety center – of course also at your site. Here you get a rough idea of the nine-phases-model:

Phase 1: Determination of basic requirements, pre design

  • Task clarification
  • Identification of the facility aim
  • Identification of the required equipment
  • Rough time planning
  • Budget determination
  • Results documentation

Phase 2: Pre Planning, schematic design

  • Analysis of the basics
  • Feasibility study
  • Alignment of the objective, boundary conditions
  • Preparation of rough specifications
  • Cost estimation
  • Supplier investigation
  • Results documentation

Phase 3: Draft planning, design development

  • Concept preparation (timeline/finance/technique)
  • Cost comparisons
  • Integration of external planning services
  • Updating of the rough specification
  • Supplier workshops
  • Collection of design documents

Phase 4: Approval planning

  • Participation in the preparation of equipment and process descriptions

Phase 5: Execution planning

  • Preparation detail specification
  • Updating of the timeline

Phase 6: Preparation of tender documents

  • Interface coordination
  • Technical consultation
  • Supplier workshops

Phase 7: Supporting bidding process and negotiations

  • Offer analysis and evaluation
  • Performing of bidder discussions
  • Cost control - compared to design offered
  • Evaluation of possible combinations
  • Assignment recommendation

Phase 8: Site supervision and construction management

  • Performance specifications
  • Supplier audits
  • Project meeting
  • Pre-acceptance
  • Installation
  • Documentation of installation
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance

Phase 9: Supporting running business, trainings, continuous improvement

  • Application training
  • Legal and theoretical basics
  • Implementation of the basics into application
  • Workflow analysis
  • Process mapping
  • Continuous improvement process design
  • Process documentation
  • Auditor trainings


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