Dummy owners face major challenges nowadays. The high and time-consuming requirements of the guidelines, the increasing equipment inside the dummy and prevention of possible errors require versatile mechanic experience.

dummy laboratory is one of the latest laboratories worldwide. The comprehensive dummy service provides fast and competent solutions for all challenges.

The interval certification is in addition to the
new certification a more cost-effective solution to prepare your dummies for the next usage. It is also possible to rent dummies and sensors by ACTS, if you have capacity bottlenecks. The construction of complete dummy certification laboratories and diverse training opportunities are further sections of our products and services.

Certification and maintenance

ACTS executes certifications according to current legal requirements for all common dummy types. Hereby a standard evaluation is carried out according to the respective test specification of the dummy.

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  Dummy maintenance

Laboratory planning

ACTS constructs complete dummy test facilities. The laboratory will be equipped with the necessary technical configuration, to certify all common dummy types.

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  Dummy certification laboratory


You have a capacity bottleneck? You need a dummy or important sensors?
Here you have the possibility to rent different products of the dummy sector.

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Dummy and sensor rent


The following selection of sensors can be calibrated at ACTS. All calibrations are carried out according to SAE J211.


  • acceleration – sinusoidal calibration: 3–5,000 Hz
                               shock calibration: up to 200 g
  • force/moment – 1- to 6-axial
                              force transducer up to 100 kN
                              pulling and compression direction
  • displacement – with anlogue output up to 1,000 mm
  • temperature
  • angle
  • inclination
  • pressure


Our dummies are transported by our years of reliable and technically competent direct courier partner. Without transshipment we guarantee the safe transportation starting at your front door to us in Sailauf and back.

Training and consulting

The basic requirement for successful work with anthropomorphic test devices and crash test dummies is the detailed knowledge about the equipment and applications as well as important legal requirements.

You have the opportunity to expand your knowledge through exciting ACTS trainings in certain sectors and to learn practical expertise.

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