You're planning a dummy certification laboratory?


ACTS assumes all necessary steps starting with the planning of the building infrastructure up to the installation, commissioning and training of your staff. Depending on your requirements, the dummy certification test facilities can be designed for all common dummy types. Beside the classical H III dummy or the current child dummy generation, new or future dummy types like WorldSID and THOR can be considered.

The certification test facilities are equipped with all the necessary suspension parts and accessories.
The automation of the test facilities will be implemented according to their requirements. The automatic evaluation of the generated data and the protecitve housings for safe handling complete our service package.

All dummy certification test facilities of ACTS meet the requirements of regulations like 49 CFR Part 572.

We've already demonstrated our skills, not only in Europe, but also in Asia, by
planning and installation of many dummy certification laboratories and training of the staff. So you're looking for a competent and reliable partner, who supports you with implementing your dummy certification laboratory?

Then please contact us