You have a capacity bottleneck?

At ACTS you have the possibility to rent different dummy types, impactors and sensors. Herewith we offer you a wide range of products.

The prices, rental conditions and other information are available on request.
Please fill out our contact form or contact directly one of our contact persons.



Please find here an overview of our available products:

Overview dummies and impactors for rent


  • HII (sit / stand version)
  • HII Mix III (non instrumented)
  • HIII 5th (HF)
  • HIII 50th (H3)
  • HIII 50th (non instrumented)
  • HIII 95th (HM)
  • HIII 95th (non instrumented)
  • EuroSID 1 (non instrumented)
  • EuroSID 2 (ES)
  • EuroSID 2 re (ER)
  • SID-IIs (S2)
  • WorldSID 50th (WS)
  • HIII 3 years (Y6)
  • HIII 6 years (Y7)
  • P1.5 years / P10 years (P2/P5)
  • Q-Dummy: Q1.5 / Q3 / Q10 (Q2/Q3/QA)


  • FMH head forms
  • Head forms JNCAP, ACEA, EuroNCAP
  • WG 17 pedestrian protection impactor
  • Flex PLI

Overview of technical equipment for rent


  • Force/moment sensors (up to 6 axes)
  • Acceleration sensors 1- or 3-axial
  • Displacement sensors
  • Rotation rate sensors 1- or 3-axial


  • SpeedCam MacroVis EoSens mini 1
  • SpeedCam MacroVis EoSens mini 2
  • Linkbox (use of more than two cameras)