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Automotive testing

The understanding of passive vehicle safety is to reduce the consequences of accidents by increasing the precautions. The vehicle occupants should be protected from damages through regulations. For this reason, the testing is an important part of the development process of a vehicle.

ACTS offers a wide range of test executions in various areas, on complete vehicles as well as on single components.

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The chassis forms the basic structure of a vehicle and thus is the largest and simultaneously most safety-relevant element. It varies from model to model and represents the apparent distinguishing... read more >>>

Vehicle doors not only enable the occupants to get in and out of a car, but also have a meaningful task while driving. They separate the interior at the sides from the external environment. Herewith the... read more >>>

The vehicle roof primarily provides protection of the interior from above influences such as sun, weather or rockfall. Especially in the case of a traffic accident another important function is... read more >>>

Long journeys have proven negative effects on the human body. Beside  fatigue and loss of concentration, high physical loads arise for the occupant. To minimize these factors, front and rear seats... read more >>>

In a traffic accident cockpit and steering wheel represent the greatest risk of injury for the vehicle occupants. Especially the impact of head or upper part of the body on vehicle components can... read more >>>

The hood embodies the external cover of the engine. Its design depends on factors such as manufacturer and model and was developed with a protective function as well as in consideration of aero...  read more >>>

Since the 30s front and rear bumpers are an integral part of vehicles. In the course of technological progress, the actual steel beams were covered for safety reasons by plastic elements and additionally... read more >>>

Component testing - linear impactor
Crash test facility
Crash test on flying floor
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