In the automotive as well as in the non-automotive sector, the product quality is one of the most important criteria, when it comes to the purchase decision. The current market situation demands the compliance of strict quality requirements in order to prevail over competitive products. That's why the hedge of these requirements is an essential part during the development stage.

Since 1997 ACTS is a reliable testing services provider in the field of passive car safety. Find out in which other sectors ACTS can competently support you with knowledge and numerous testing facilities during developing your products.





Thousands of people are travelling by plane every day. Whether it is the upcoming business trip to another continent or the long-awaited annual holiday to the south. For a few hours the aircraft seat replaces the beloved armchair of your living room.

That's why the equipment of the interior with high-quality products is very important. Throughout the whole lifetime the seats should be comfortable and cozy, the luggage must be stowed safely in the provided racks and in case of emergency the oxygen masks must fall easily from the cabin ceiling, in order to provide the passengers with vital oxygen.

At ACTS various functional tests such as endurance tests can be carried out.


According to the increasing environmental consciousness leads, especially young people, waive having an own car. So the public transports are increasingly used. The railway appears as a classic and one of the most popular alternatives.

To offer a pleasant train ride, some important decisions, regarding the interior, have to be made in advance. The materials have to be chosen carefully, so that they can withstand the daily loads in the long term. The luggage racks have to be strong enough to bear the weight of many suitcases. Doors must close automatically after each opening and the windows must not burst due to the enormous pressure change when the train drives through a tunnel.

ACTS is able to offer suitable tension and compression tests.

Construction industry

The construction industry is primarily concerned with the planning, construction and alteration of buildings. One of the main tasks is the hedging of stability and functionality of the building – even after decades of usage.

With environmental simulations the influences of different climatic and temperature conditions on buildings can be adjusted and analyzed. For example, roof windows, tiles or antenna systems can be tested. Lots of people are switching to the use of renewable energies, which makes the testing of solar cells more important.

Competence and experience enable ACTS to write quotations according to German "HOAI" (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). According to this, the competitiveness is defined on the basis of quality, not prices. ACTS will glady supports you in the fields of consulting or testing.


Furniture industry

Furniture facilitate and improve our lives. To not endanger the human health some important ergonomic aspects and safety requirements need to be considered during the development of furniture.

Especially office furniture is fraught immensely every day. The permanent use, the commonly adjustment of swivel chairs and the heavy loading of shelves with folders gradually reduce the product quality of the furniture. Even after years of use they should comply the safety requirements and simplify the office work.

Several function tests which can be implemented for example with our F.R.I.T.S. can demonstrate the weaknesses of the furniture under permanent load. This helps you to optimize your products and to make your customers happy.


Amusement rides

You love the kick when the roller coaster dashes downwards and the feeling of adrenaline? You want to enjoy romantic moments in a Ferris wheel with your beloved partner while having a fascinating view over the illuminated city?

Now there arises an important question for manufacturers of amusement rides: How can the passengers experience these funny moments without the fear of getting hurt? Starting with the construction until the decommissioning of the ride, enormous safety requirements have to be considered and strict procedures have to be complied. Brakes, doors, belts or safety bars – all components and systems that serve the personal safety – have to function properly any time.

ACTS works with experts of technical testing organizations every day. Thus necessary function tests incl. technical inspection can be carried out at our location in Sailauf.

The above mentioned case studies emphasize the importance of executing safety and function-related tests. ACTS offers a wide range of relevant tests.

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