Due to a wide range of test facilities, ACTS can execute a variety of services as well as development tests and series production monitoring. There are diverse test constellations in one location - namely on the very central "Magna Campus" in Sailauf, near Frankfurt am Main.

Since the individual test facilities are unique in their arrangement and diversity, they provide the ideal conditions to realize tests according to customer specifications. Fast and quick response times are a matter of course.

Please find here our different test methods:


The crash test with a complete vehicle represents the completion of the verification phase during the development of a new car. Due to the high effort, both material and measurement technology, the crash test is one of the most complex and expensive development tests… read more >>>


Crash simulation

The "crash simulation" is a physical experiment, in which a test sample (vehicle body or test rig) is adapted on a test sled. This sled is accelerated or delayed, in order to simulate the stresses of a real vehicle crash. The advantage is, that the… read more >>>


Endurance and function tests

Not only design and price are important criteria during the purchase decision, but the quality of a product or service. Manufacturers have to meet the high demands in order to prevail in the market against competive products. Mostly there is no time… read more >>>


Safety tests on components

As a result of increasing demands in the automotive industry, component tests have a major role in the vehicle development. The focus is primarily on the production release of the individual components. In particular, the safety guarantee is an essential factor, both for the manufacturer… read more >>>


Environmental simulation

The global market for vehicles and increasingly extreme climatic conditions require materials and systems, which are constructed for these needs. Cars have to start as quickly at -40 ° C as at + 55 ° C. Vehicles have to react as safely at the North Pole as in the desert. Sunroofs should still be… read more >>>