Not only design and price are important criteria during the purchase decision, but the quality of a product or service. Manufacturers have to meet the high demands in order to prevail in the market against competive products. Mostly there is no time to observe the aging and wear for years.

With pupose-built test facilities the testing of life cycle and functions of single components up to complete vehicles is possible. Hereby all common durability, strength, function, stiffness and environmental simulation tests according to the respective customer specification can be executed.    

Our test facilities

F.R.I.T.S. – Robotic test system for force, displacement and moment controlled durability tests
F.R.I.T.S. is a force controlled test system based on an ABB robot. Its payload, velocity and measurement technique as well as its frequency range… read more >>> 

Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric cylinders
Stiffness and strength tests on components can be done with single cylinders with a conrolled force or displacement regulation
read more >>>

Structural durability and fatigue strength
With these test facilities test samples are e.g. repeatedly opened and closed automatically or only moved or loaded. The required velocities can be adjusted continuously. In up to 25 different test facilities... read more >>>

Environmental simulations
Using environmental simulations, interactions between objects and their environment can be analyzed. The years of aging process of a product can be simulated within a few days… read more >>>