Aging in time lapse

The global market for vehicles and extreme climatic conditions require materials and systems, which are constructed for these needs. Cars have to start as quickly at -40 ° C as at + 55 ° C. Vehicles have to react as safely at the North Pole as in the desert. Sunroofs should still be tight, even after the use in extreme climates. Snow and ice shouldn't have any impact on fabric roofs of convertibles.


Using environmental simulations, interactions between objects and their environment can be analyzed. The years of aging process of a product can be simulated within a few days.


The ACTS climate technology enables the simulation of various scenarios of weathering. The size of our climate chamber is a specialty: there is enough space for vehicle types ranging from a two-seater to a caravan. Easily single components can be tested in smaller climate chambers, too.


Please find here an overview of our climate technology:



Overview climate technology

Range of services

Climatic storage and change
With climatic tests, the impact of different climatic conditions on vehicles or other components are monitored. Hereby the simulation of all weather types can be covered, from the arid desert to the tropical rainforest. The tests are executed according to e.g. PV2005, PV1200 or BMW PR 303.5.


Temperature storage and change

The performance of materials and systems can be enormously influenced by extreme temperatures. With environmental simulations function and service life of single components or complete vehicles can be tested at various temperatures.


Indoor snow and ice simulation
The climate chamber of ACTS enables the simulation of snow and ice independently to the season. Here extreme weather conditions can be simulated realistically in time lapse. The density and surface of the snow can be adjusted variably. 

Application area for the analysis of material performance within the influence of snow:

  • Functional testing of snow loaded components
  • Functional testing of components with defrost function
  • Tightness testing by thawing of the snow. For example examination of penetrating melt water
  • Artificial aging of components for outdoor use

Sun simulation
Sun simulations can be useful for various components. It's differentiated between indoor (e.g. instrument panels, seats) and outdoor (e.g. bumper, roof spoiler). Hereby, the aging of test objects exposed to sunlight for years is simulated in time lapse. The tests are executed according to DIN 75220, BMW PR 306.4 or according to customer specification.

Colour and gloss level measurement
Spectro-photometers and reflectometers are used for identification of colours and glosses of parts. These meaurements are usually done in addition to the sun simulation. 

The spectro-photometer is used for colour identification of parts.

  • Spectral sensitivity: 400–700 nm
  • Geometry 0° or 45°

The reflectometer is a measuring instrument for the identification of gloss levels of varnished surfaces, plastics, ceramics and metallic surfaces. The single-jet angles 20°, 60°or 85° are possible.


This mobile technology enables rapid measurement for quality control and deformation analysis directly on the spot. Digital SLR cameras with colour CCD sensors are established. Using this method, ACTS receives quicker results, than using the static 3D measurement technique.