The rigidness and solidity of components can be analysed with a certain force or displacement regulation

Technical details of hydraulic cylinders

Nominal force and working stroke    
  • 120 kN, 600 mm
  • 100 kN, 500 mm
  • 50 kN, 250 mm
  • 2 x 15 kN, 250 mm
Temperature range:      possible on request
Higher forces possible via toggle lever                                                                                              

When smaller forces are required, pneumatic and electric cylinders are used.

Technical details of pneumatic and electric cylinder


pneumatic and electric cylinders
force, displacement or moment regulated                                   

Temperature range:possible on request
Modular system:                          adaption according to customer specification
Control of electrical motors possible on customer request      
Constant recording of opening and closing speeds
Automatic speed control
Constant recording of maximum opening and closing forces                                                         
Long term recording possible

Area of application

  • General analysis of stiffness
  • General analysis of solidity
  • Dynamic vibration tests (uniaxial)
  • According to customer specification